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Data Description:

The data contains watersheds for 17 major cities in Central India. The projection used is Transverse Mercator UTM zone 44N. The watersheds are in the form of polygon shapefiles.
Drainage layer from HydroSHEDS was used as the input layer, and the stream layer (also from HydroSHEDS) was overlayed on the open street map to determine the stream outlet point. The watersheds were created with the help of r.water.outlet tool in QGIS with the help of drainage layer and the stream outlet point.


Recommended Citation(s):

Lehner, B., Grill G. (2013): Global river hydrography and network routing: baseline data and new approaches to study the world’s large river systems. Hydrological Processes, 27(15): 2171–2186. Data is available at

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