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We aspire to be a network dedicated to maintaining the 'Jugalbandi' of people and nature in the central Indian landscape by linking knowledge with action

Jugalbandi Exploring the duality and the dance of people’s livelihoods and ecological integrity in Central India

Our network was formed as an outcome of the Kanha-Pench Landscape Symposium (KPLS) held in February 2014, out of the desire to establish a more direct method for communicating news and resources relevant to management and conservation in the Central Indian Landscape.


Engage + Explore
To Be Effective

  • Lean into the complexity and diversity of central India

  • Build from the bottom up

  • Engage with all actors in this working landscape

  • Conduct applicable scientific research 

  • Chart our course with measured next steps

  • Iterative processes to include crowd-sources priorities 


In addition to our NCCI staff team, we work with our wonderful members for a thriving central India.

Funding for NCCI is provided by the DeFries Bajpai Foundation.

Funding for the NCCI is provided by the DeFries Bajpai Foundation, whose mission is to support scientists working towards sustainable solutions, particularly in India. The source of funds for the DeFries Bajpai Foundation is a no-strings-attached award from the MacArthur Foundation to Ruth DeFries.

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