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Pilot Interventions to Boost Millet Production in Mandla and Balaghat

Recognizing the benefits of millets for healthy diets and climate resilience, NGOs are piloting interventions in Mandla and Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh. These initiatives include:

- Improved seed varieties
- Formation of local farmer collectives and entrepreneurs
- Advanced processing technologies to reduce labour and enhance millet quality for the market

Evaluation of Pilot Interventions

NCCI is evaluating these interventions to provide evidence for scaling up to other locations. The evaluation focuses on:

- Robust statistical analysis of adoption rates, farmers' perceptions, and impacts on food habits
- Objective assessment of the interventions
- Collaboration with NGOs to refine and improve based on findings

Survey Details

To support this evaluation, we conducted baseline surveys in March 2023 & year one surveys in January 2024 across ninety villages in four clusters: Bichhiya, Mukki, Nainpur, and Narayanganj in Mandla and Balaghat districts. 

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At the 5th Central India Landscape Symposium in February 2023, participants agreed to form a roundtable on agro-biodiversity initiatives around Kanha Tiger Reserve, focusing on millets. Central India has a rich history of millet production, but in recent decades, both production and consumption have declined. Recognizing millets' climate resilience and nutritional benefits, market demand is rising. The roundtable aims to bring together diverse stakeholders to promote millets in the region.

Aligned with NCCI’s vision of harmonizing people and nature in the Central Indian Landscape, the roundtable seeks to connect knowledge with action, fostering healthy diets and climate resilience. It serves as a platform for sharing information and coordinating efforts among various actors.

First Roundtable - August 2023, Mandla, Madhya Pradesh  
Focused on "Millets in the Kanha Landscape," with participation from Civil Society Organizations, Self Help Groups, and Farmer Producer Organizations.

Second Roundtable - Mukki, Kanha, Madhya Pradesh  
Discussions centered on boosting millet production and consumption, covering topics such as improved seeds, sowing techniques, and market linkages across over a hundred villages.

Access presentations, reports, resource directories from both roundtables, session videos on YouTube and our photo gallery here.

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