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NOTE: Here we provide this data set for the central Indian landscape. Global data are available from the HydroSHEDS website.

Data Description:

The layer contains the distribution of rivers across central India in the form of line vectors. According to the metadata file, It is directly derived from the drainage direction layers and uses WGS 84 projection. The resolution of the dataset is 15 arc seconds, which is approximately 500 meters at the equator.
For more information refer to the Hydrorivers Technical Documentation

Recommended Citation(s):

Lehner, B., Grill G. 2013. Global river hydrography and network routing: baseline data and new approaches to study the world’s large river systems. Hydrological Processes, 27(15): 2171–2186. Data is available at

Lehner, B., Verdin, K., Jarvis, A. 2006. HydroSHEDS Technical Documentation. World Wildlife Fund US, Washington, DC. Available at


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