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Flow Directions

NOTE: Here we provide this data set for the central Indian landscape. Global data are available from the HydroSHEDS website.

Data Description:

This layer defines the direction of flow from each cell in the conditioned Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to its steepest down-slope neighbor. According to metadata, values of flow direction vary from 1 to 128. All final outlet cells to the ocean are flagged with a value of 0. All cells that mark the lowest point of an endorheic basin (inland sink) are flagged with a value of -1. The projection used is WGS84. The resolution of the dataset is 15 arc seconds, which is approximately 500 meters at the equator.

Recommended Citation(s):

Lehner, B., Verdin, K., Jarvis, A. 2006. HydroSHEDS Technical Documentation. World Wildlife Fund US, Washington, DC. Available at


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