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Data Description:

This dataset contains the network of railway lines across the central Indian landscape as a line vector shapefile. The source of this data is the Open Street Map of the Indian Rail Atlas. The data was updated in May, 2017 and uses a WGS 84 projection. The data was created by digitizing the Open Street Map of the Indian Rail Atlas as per the IUC metadata file.

Recommended Citation(s):

  1. Jayadevan, A., Nayak, R., Karanth, K.K., Krishnaswamy, J., DeFries, R., Karanth, K.U. & Vaidyanathan, S. 2020. Navigating Paved Paradise: Evaluating landscape permeability to movement for large mammals in two conservation priority landscapes in India. Biological Conservation, 108613

  2. Nayak, R., Karanth, K.K., Dutta, T., Defries, R., Karanth, K.U., & Vaidyanathan, S. 2020. Bits and pieces: Forest fragmentation by linear intrusions in India. Land Use Policy, 104619.

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