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Consensus Connectivity Areas

Data Description:

Consensus connectivity areas (CCAs) layer represent regions where five independent studies on tiger connectivity in Central India largely agreed on high levels of potential tiger movement. The five studies (Dutta et al., 2018; Mondal et al., 2016; Reddy et al., 2017; Thatte et al., 2020; Yumnam et al., 2014) in the Central India Landscape (CIL) were used to quantify agreement on the permeability of matrix areas to tiger movement and important areas for connectivity throughout the landscape.

For the protected areas (PAs) layer, some PAs (Panna in particular) were clipped extensively by the study’s extent. Some modifications are made to the existing central Indian PA shapefile data due to recent changes in PA boundaries by the Indian government and in support of the study’s analytical approach.

The dataset is in the form of polygon shapefiles, and the projection used is World Mercator (EPSG: 3395). 

Recommended Citation(s):

Schoen, J.M., Neelakantan, A., Cushman, S.A., Dutta, T., Habib, B., Jhala, Y.V., Mondal, I., Ramakrishnan, U., Reddy, P.A., Saini, S. and Sharma, S., 2022. Synthesizing habitat connectivity analyses of a globally important human‐dominated tiger‐conservation landscape. Conservation Biology.


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